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    Service, Support and Repair

    Bibby offers a return-to-base refurbishment and recertification
    package for all its coupling range. In addition, on-site audit and
    surveys of coupling assets may be undertaken.

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    A New Prescription for
    Coupling Stress Relief
    Tri Bushing
  • Bibby Turboflex Power Generation
    Turboflex Plus High Performance
    Disc Couplings

    A new series of high performance disc couplings
    designed to meet the stringent requirements
    of today’s turbomachinery market

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    SM Turboflex Plus Couplings
  • Bibby Power Generation Market
    Solutions for the
    Power Generation Market

    Bibby couplings & torque limiter products
    are used on a wide variety of power generation

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  • Oil Vessel
    HF Series Disc Coupling
    for FPSO Vessel Pump

    Based on previous successful collaborations, the pump OEM
    contacted Bibby Turboflex for its extensive coupling engineering expertise,
    quality manufacturing and reasonable lead times.

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    HF Series Disc Coupling
  • Bibby Mine Winder Application Profile Banner
    Bibby H-Type Resilient Grid Coupling
    for Coal Mine Winder

    A maintenance team contacted Bibby Turboflex
    directly since they were very pleased with
    the original coupling's long-lasting performance
    and didn't want to change the design or manufacturer.

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    Bibby H Type Grid Coupling Product
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    Torque Limiter

    Eliminate the problems associated with slow reaction
    which give a wide release torque variation,
    or slip clutches which may rapidly overheat.

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    Bibbigard Featured Product

Bibby Turboflex is recognized around the world for advanced industrial couplings and torque limiting technologies

Since 1917, with the introduction of the resilient grid coupling, Bibby Turboflex has been recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of highly-engineered industrial couplings. Bibby develops reliable and safe power transmission solutions that eliminate downtime and optimize efficiency.

Bibby Turboflex Capabilties Video

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