Bibby Turboflex Service & Support

Bibby Turboflex Service & Support

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Service, Support and Repair

Bibby offers a return-to-base refurbishment and recertification package for all its coupling range. In addition, on-site audit and surveys of coupling assets may be undertaken.

  • In-house strip, survey and repair (including coating and balancing) to as-new specification
  • Rapid turnaround of detailed inspection reports, with photographic records, to enable quick and informed decision making
  • Selected third party coupling rebuilds conducted to OEM standards
  • Factory service, conducted alongside new coupling builds, ensures the highest quality of repair
  • Rebuild warranty for peace-of-mind
  • Service engineers available to support installation and on-site requirements
  • Service contracts schedule engineer visits during planned maintenance
  • Advice and guidance on the scope of replacement units, if the returned part is beyond economic repair
  • All servicing and repair work is logged and tracked internally, so that its status may be traced at any stage

Please contact the customer service team, at the address below, for information regarding strip and survey, repairs and refurbishments and on-site service requests.

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Access OEM expertise to restore your coupling asset to as-new condition, for a substantial saving over the cost of replacement, through Bibby’s coupling recertification programme

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