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Bibby Turboflex High-Performance Disc Coupling Rebuild for Gas Terminal Compressor

September 25, 2023
Gas Terminal Compressor

At the Twiflex Repair & Rebuild Service Centre, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, support, and repair to help you achieve peak performance and maximum efficiency from your assets. With our range of services tailored to meet your unique needs, you can rely on us to minimise unplanned downtime through preventative and predictive maintenance.


One of six terminal operators at the massive Bacton Gas Terminal, located on the North Sea coast of the United Kingdom, needed one of their couplings refurbished. Gas from nearby offshore drilling platforms is delivered to the terminal via several large diameter pipelines. The facility can process up to 1,000 mil. cu. ft. of gas per day.

A Bibby high performance 305S Torquemeter disc coupling, installed between a gas turbine and a high speed compressor, had been in service for more than 23 years so the operators decided to swap in a spare coupling and send the original coupling to Bibby for a “health check” and any necessary refurbishment.

The unique coupling, with a peak torque rating of 100 kNm and a max speed of 7700 RPM, features an integrated torque meter that measures the efficiency of the high speed drive to ensure maximum output.


The coupling was shipped to the Twiflex Repair and Rebuild Service Center in Bedford, UK. The facility offers comprehensive repair and rebuild services for several Regal Rexnord brands, including Twiflex, Bibby Turboflex and Wichita Clutch. Within two weeks of its arrival, the coupling was disassembled and removed from the bearing casing. All components were cleaned, de-greased and checked. Major components were shot blasted. Utilizing a CMM, the critical dimensions of all parts were checked against the original coupling drawings. A thorough MPI inspection was performed and a written detailed inspection report, including photos of any defects, was sent to the customer.

After the refurbishment quote was approved, all flexible elements and hardware was replaced. The coupling was then re-phosphated, re-assembled and balanced prior to shipping. The rebuilt coupling was returned to “like new” condition and delivered to the customer with a full 1-year warranty.

Bibby After Rebuild HP Disc Coupling

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  • All components were cleaned, de-greased and checked
  • Major components were shot blasted
  • Critical dimension checks completed on all parts
  • MPI inspection performed
  • Written inspection report prepared
  • All flexible elements and hardware replaced
  • Unit was phosphated, re-assembled and balanced prior to shipping
  • Returned to “like new” condition with full 1-Year warranty
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