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Bibbigard Torque Limiters


Bibbigard® torque limiters are designed for high and low speed applications. Models can be supplied as either manual or automatic reset. The units can be mounted shaft-to-shaft, by rigid or flexible couplings, or can be installed with pulleys or chain wheel. Units can also be supplied with special sealing, and plating for harsh environments.

Boring and Keywaying

Standard bores and keyways are manufactured to H8 and Js9 tolerances to BS4500: 1969, both in Metric and Imperial dimensions.


During assembly all units are packed with a 3% Molybdenum Disulphide (Mo S2) grease BP Energrease L21 M. Because of their uniquely fully enclosed design all units need only be stripped and re-packed with grease every two years. However, under extremely adverse conditions of environment and duty please consult Bibby Transmissions.

Running in Oil

All Bibbigard units can be run in oil if required without affecting performance.

    • Available in 3 types
    • Accurate release torque repeatability
    • Can be supplied in Stainless Steel
    • Each unit is adjustable over a wide torque range
    • Protect plant and transmission against overload
    • Full bi-directional operation in any plane
    • All metal, totally-enclosed construction
    • Virtually no maintenance
    • Provide years of trouble-free service
    • Competitive first cost
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