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Bibby Turboflex H Type Resilient Grid Coupling for Coal Mine Winder

The maintenance team at a coal mine in South Yorkshire, England needed to replace the grid coupling on the friction winder at their facility. The winder is used to raise and lower conveyances within the mine shaft. The grid coupling connects the motor shaft to the winder cable drum located in the headframe at the top of winder tower. The original Bibby coupling was in generally good condition, but was starting to show some slight wear after more than 30 years of service.

The team contacted Bibby Turboflex directly since they were very pleased with the original coupling’s long-lasting performance and didn’t want to change the design or manufacturer.

Bibby supplied an H-Type, Model 722 replacement grid coupling which provides great shock load absorption with a high torque capacity of 228,400 Nm (168,459 lb.ft.). The coupling has a maximum speed of 655 RPM and can accommodate large shaft diameters up to 350 mm (13.7 in.). The 1100 mm (43.3 in.) diameter coupling weighed more than 2000 kgs (4,409 lbs.).

Dr. James Bibby originally invented the Resilient Coupling in 1917. This Bibby Turboflex product has become universally accepted for use on applications where reliable protection against shaft misalignment, vibration and shock is required. Over the years, refinements in design and material specifications have kept pace with advancing technology, achieving significant improvements in power/weight ratios. The large H-Type models are widely used in drives including large fans and pumps, mine winders, ball mills and rolling mills.

Bibby H Type Resilient Grid Coupling


  • 228,400 Nm (168,459 lb.ft.) Torque capacity
  • 655 RPM maximum speed
  • 350 mm (13.7 in.) maximum shaft diameter
  • High shock load absorption
  • Proven long lasting performance

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