Industrial Couplings

Series III - Gear Couplings


Bibby Turboflex Gear Couplings have been proved over many years of use internationally, in all kinds of industrial environments. This reliability has been achieved by our attention to detail in design, applications expertise and stringent quality control.

    • Up to 147 kNm; 1,300,000
    • Fully-crowned gear teeth provide maximum contact at the strongest part of the tooth.
    • Models available for use on vertical and/or horizontal shafts
    • Bore capacity up to 645 mm
    • High torque to weight ratio
    • Half per half interchangeability with other gear couplings manufactured to AGMA standards
    • Single, Double and Rigid designs available
    • ±3/4° angular misalignment capacity per gear mesh
    • Torque ratings at full misalignment-in excess of normal requirements for average applications
    • Accurately machined medium carbon steel hubs and sleeves
    • Positive-type 0-ring seals keep lubricant in and contaminants out
    • Seals enshrouded to prevent damage
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